We specialize in high denomination notes! We also stock other US currency such as Nationals, Silver certificates and large size type notes. Click on the menu pages above to view our inventory. Thinking of selling? We are buying all U.S. paper money!! Give us a call or send us an email.

We inventory a broad based selection of $500 and $1000 Federal Reserve notes where there's something for everyone. We also carry Gold Certificates and ultra-high denomination notes, that is $5,000 and $10,000 notes. We provide customers with quality notes, fair pricing and superior service. So whether you're a collector on a budget, or the investor who wants "only the best," we offer you the guidance and buying experience that will keep you coming back.

We pride ourselves at being the best in what we do. We travel the country from coast to coast attending conventions, auctions and acquiring notes from private collections, so that we can offer you the best selection of high denomination notes. Our reputation speaks for itself, give us a try and you'll be convinced.

Unlike other U.S. paper money, all high denomination notes listed on this site still carry legal tender status and are redeemable for face value at any bank!! Checkout the History of these notes by clicking the buttons to the right.

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